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Start your career without a college degree!

You bring the drive; we’ll bring the opportunity – at no cost to you!

Stay tuned for 2023 dates!

Your full-time job starts immediately after successful completion of our free 2-week Essential Skills Training:

Training Dates

Application Deadline

Spring 2023


What We Provide


Preferred Job Placement

We reserve openings with our employer partners so that as soon as you complete our 2-week program, you immediately begin a career with strong earning potential at a company invested in your success.

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Essential Professional Skills

In our 2 week “crash course”, you will learn skills like entrepreneurship, professional communication, how to create a presentation, managing up – which are useful in any career.  All at no cost to you!

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A Supportive Community

We provide mentorship for the first 60 days of your new job, and you become part of a community of advisors, alumni, and peers who all want you to succeed.

How It Works






Choose an industry that you are interested in and fill out the online application.  Once we contact you for an interview, show us why you will shine in our program.

Essential Skills Training

Take part in our interactive 2 week “crash course” in essential skills that build your confidence and prepare you to excel in a professional environment. 

Career Placement

During your 2 week training, interview with our employer partners and get selected to start a career with strong growth potential! We continue working with you until you get placed.

Career Success Mentoring

Our mentors touch base with you for 60 days after you start your job to reinforce essential skills and ensure your success.

Launch your career in a high paying industry today!

Industries We Offer

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