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Unleash the Powerful Fundraiser Within: Embracing the 4 Asking Styles

Breaking Free from What You Think

Many nonprofit leaders and executives believe that being an effective fundraiser requires a specific set of qualities - extroversion, being challenge-motivated, and the innate ability to deal with rejection. If you feel this way, you’re not alone - I went through the same doubts. I questioned whether I could ever be a good fundraiser or salesperson. But here's the truth I discovered - anyone can be a great fundraiser. We just need to understand our strengths and harness them.

The Power of the 4 Asking Styles

In the book "The 4 Asking Styles: Revolutionize Your Fundraising", Andrea Kihlstedt and Brian Saber introduce a groundbreaking concept by showing that there are actually 4 different, effective fundraising styles. These styles, the Rainmaker, the Go-Getter, the Kindred Spirit, and the Mission Controller, offer a fresh perspective on fundraising. They range on a spectrum from extroverted to introverted and from analytic to intuitive. Each style brings its unique strengths to the table and contributes to successful fundraising efforts.

Discover Your Asking Style

To fully unleash your fundraising potential, it's crucial to identify your asking style. Take a moment to reflect on your own strengths, preferences, and natural inclinations. Are you a Rainmaker, driven by passion and an ability to inspire? Perhaps you resonate with the Go-Getter, who thrives on setting and achieving ambitious goals. Or maybe you're a Kindred Spirit, forging deep connections and building relationships effortlessly. Alternatively, you might identify as a Mission Controller, leveraging organization and strategic planning to achieve fundraising success.

Harnessing Your Strengths

Once you've identified your asking style, it's time to harness your unique strengths. Tailor your fundraising approach to align with your style, and watch as your authenticity and passion become powerful catalysts for engagement. Let me offer you some practical tips and strategies that are specific to each asking style:

  • Rainmakers: Embrace your ability to inspire and connect with others emotionally. Share powerful stories and showcase the impact of your organization's work.

  • Go-Getters: Set ambitious fundraising goals and break them down into actionable steps. Leverage your competitive drive and determination to achieve outstanding results.

  • Kindred Spirits: Build authentic relationships and foster a sense of belonging within your donor community. Cultivate trust, and let your genuine care for others shine through.

  • Mission Controllers: Leverage your organizational skills and strategic mindset to develop comprehensive fundraising plans. Prioritize efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

Be Confident and Lean Into Your Strengths

You don't have to conform to a predetermined mold of what a fundraiser should be. Fundraising success comes in different shapes and styles. By embracing the 4 asking styles, you can tap into your unique strengths and unlock your full fundraising potential. Be confident and get out there today!

Let Us Help

If you are looking to hire top-tier fundraising talent, please reach out to me at We will schedule a no-cost, no obligation 15-minute consultation to discuss how to supercharge your recruitment efforts.

Maneva Group is a woman and minority owned national Executive Search firm focusing on the social sector with expertise in completely managing the recruiting process, curating diverse and exceptionally qualified candidate pools, and advising C-suite executives and board members through crucial hiring decisions.

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