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So, you just received a resignation. Now What?

Change is inevitable in every organization, and oftentimes it comes in the form of a valued team members' departure. While this news may initially seem like a setback, it is essential to reframe your perspective and recognize the potential it brings.

Research has shown that embracing change can lead to improved team performance and increased innovation. A study by Harvard Business Review revealed that organizations viewing departures as opportunities, rather than setbacks, tend to experience higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. By adopting this mindset shift, you open the door to more efficient workflows and better outcomes.

Reevaluate Your Team Structure

Instead of rushing to hire a replacement immediately, take a step back and reconsider your team structure. This is a chance to reflect on the departing team members' contributions and identify areas where their absence might create gaps. By redefining roles and responsibilities, you can optimize workflows and ensure alignment with your current needs and long-term objectives.

Training, Upskilling, and Internal Promotions

This transition provides an opportunity to evaluate current team members who may be ready for their next level of promotion and advancement, creating the opportunity to infuse new talent in different roles within your team. Implement targeted training and upskilling initiatives to develop the necessary expertise within your current workforce. This investment in your team’s professional development will increase employee engagement and team morale as they are encouraged by the value the organization is placing on creating learning and promotional opportunities for current team members.

Finalize the New Role & Plan for the Interim

After conducting a post-departure evaluation to clarify your requirements for the new role, think about your next steps. Are you seeking the same role or a different one? Do you require a different skillset, or has the scope of responsibility changed? Have you explored alternative options such as outsourcing the job function or hiring fractional support while conducting a new hiring search? Be thoughtful and transparent with the team during this process, ensuring you do not overburden individual team members with additional responsibilities.

Take time to acknowledge the unexpected departure, and then use this as a catalyst to reframe your organizational structure, leading to more growth, efficiency, and impact. Lastly, as you bid farewell to the departing team member, do so with grace and positivity, acknowledging their contributions and expressing gratitude for their work and dedication.

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