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Hire top 1% executives for your mission-driven organization in under 75 days. 

Full refund if you don't move forward a candidate from the first pool.
Watch the 5-minute video to find out how. 

Trust the Experts...

Client Testimonials 

Bruce Boyd.jpeg

Bruce Boyd

Executive Director, Morrison Family Foundation 
Board Member, Windward Fund

Position Hired: President

"You were a fabulous partner…I appreciated the professionalism, the grace with which you conducted the search and partnered with us."

Position Hired: Inaugural President

"The thing that stood out was the way you talked about diversity in your searches. The candidate pool was rich… we had over 900 applications and they were quality candidates. We had some really talented people come to the table."


Tiffani Bibb

Chief People & Culture Officer, Saga Education

Jessica Love.jpeg

Jessica Love

Sr. Managing Director, Arabella

Position Hired: Managing Director

"I cannot recommend Sneha highly enough. I had worked with a range of search consultants, including much larger firms…I really prefer someone who has a smaller client roster and who can really give me personalized, devoted attention."

Position Hired: Senior Vice President

"Sneha has a rare ability to deeply understand the profile of a position, and strong intuition in sourcing diverse talent that could succeed. She’s incredibly effective and strategic in managing the hiring process and anticipates challenges and opportunities."

Screen Shot 2023-10-24 at 5.22.20 PM.png

Chris Hobbs

COO, Global Health Visions

Lee Bodner.jpeg

Lee Bodner

President, New Venture Fund
Board Chair, Windward Fund

Position Hired: Chief People Officer

"Process was thoughtful, smooth, and comprehensive. Every candidate was treated with respect… we came out of the process not only with a good candidate, but also looking good with the candidates that were not chosen."

Do you want the BEST candidate for your leadership position
Just the best that happened to see and apply to your job posting?


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